Best Home Remedy For Crack Heel

Women face this crack heel problem more in comparison to men. No need to go for pedicure and do special care.No need to  invest money and time. So simple steps are enough to cure crack heel by only little care. You can solve this problem and can flaunt your feet with confidence.Here are some very simple and easy home remedy for crack heel and tips which can followed by everybody

home remedy for crack heel

Crack Heel Cause

When we gain weight or stand for long hours our heel cracked, Dryness can be another reason for this,Minor cracks are not issue, It can be heal with little care,but if cracked are deep, then it can bleed too.So treat it, before it becomes painful.

home remedy for crack heel

Never walk bare foot on floor specially in winter season.When we walk bare foot whole day and work in standing position for long hours ,then whole body weight on our feet.So keep a soft surface under your feet sole .Wear soft comfortable slippers or socks.

Always Moisturize your feet as you do for your body and face don't forget your feet.

If you don't moisturize feet in day time due to your busy schedule.Do at night before sleeping.

What to do if heel cracked

If someone suggest you to keep your feet in warm water for 20 minutes and then this step and that you will not do anything. You will think no time to sit 20 minutes,So follow this step ,simple and easy.

Exfoliate or scrub your feet at the time of bathing ,do this step in last when you have taken bath ,you will take 5-10 minutes for bathing in this time your feet will soaked .After bathing take a foot scrubber ,Pour some shampoo or bath gel or face wash on it and scrub your heel.Do this daily for one week ,After one week, You need do this twice a week.

After this Moisturize and wear socks.

Which moisturizer is best for crack heel

home remedy for crack heel

Body lotion and our face moisturizer doesn't do any thing for crack heel because heel need deep hydration,so don't buy another product, Make a foot cream with your existing lotion and face moisturizer you need only glycerin and vitamin e capsule .Take your lotion in a separate container add glycerin and vitamin e capsule,Now Use this for your feet moisturizing ,This is will be a perfect moisturizer for your feet.

Home Remedy for Crack Heel

home remedy for crack heel

For deep crack make your own crack cream ,Take one candle and mustard oil ,Heat mustard oil ,Crush the candle put this in oil .After few minutes it will melt and completely dissolve in oil. Now wait till this oil cold (You can add vitamin e capsule and glycerin in it for more benefits).
You will get Vaseline like consistency when this mixture become cold.Apply this daily on your crack heel.

Note: You can use glycerin and Vitamin E capsule without adding any other thing.Make a habit to moisturize your feet to get happy feet Don't forget to exfoliate feet 😊.

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