How To Exfoliate Skin Naturally

Exfoliation is a part of skin care ,We can get amazing result by doing this if we do exfoliation or scrubbing in proper way and in limits , It makes skin healthy and let skin breath.No matter which skin type you have, do exfoliation whenever need or once in week, not more than this  here let’s see how to exfoliate skin and some related question to this topic.
how to exfoliate skin

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the process to remove dead skin, every skin type should do exfoliation, but in limits, In short, scrubbing is a way to remove dead skin.

Why the need for exfoliation

To remove the dead skin we need to do exfoliation, By doing exfoliation our skin become healthy looking and it absorbs skincare products well.

In starting, after exfoliation you will feel very fresh and get healthy skin if you are doing it 2-3 time in week in long run, then you have to face side effects too like, open pores, sensitive skin, and rashes skin, skin which can easily affect with climate and infection too. So do exfoliations in the limit to get the good result in a positive way. Always use a face pack after exfoliation or toner to calm skin, and moisturize to avoid dryness.

How would I know there is a need for exfoliation?

You can find it by an easy way, you can easily see dead flaky white peeled skin around nose, chin or on your cheeks. So make a routine for exfoliation and follow this routine.

How to Exfoliate and Benefits Of Exfoliation

It increases the blood circulation makes skin glowing healthy but with care after scrubbing do not let skin without moisturizer or without care because after scrubbing or any exfoliation makes our skin sensitive and prone to infection for a limited period.

  • Looks skin healthy.
  • Spots and clog free skin.
  • Deep nourishment of the skin.
  • Removes blackheads and whiteheads

Exfoliation can be done with natural ingredients and it can be done with ready to use product which is available in the market.

Natural exfoliator

If you have sensitive skin, or you want to go with natural ingredient then you can choose natural ingredients

Besan Or Chickpea Flour (Gram flour)

Most of the people use gram flour for skin care .it has been used since long time ago. Gram flour has properties to clean dead skin spots and other skin problems. You can use gram flour with honey, raw milk, or rose water according to your skin type. Make a paste and apply on wet face. rub it in a circular motion with light hand after 5 minutes wash it with normal water. Used it once or twice a week. And moisturize skin after using this. It will clean all dead skin and impurity from the skin.

Rice flour

Rice flour is an exfoliator, gives skin natural brightness and glow, best suited to oily skin. Make the paste by using rose water or raw milk. It is not easy to apply on the face because rice soaked and absorb all the water or ingredient which you have used to make a paste. so soaked it for 10 minutes. At the time of using this add little more rose water or raw milk to get good consistencies which easily glide on the face.
Always use fine powder granules should not be big in size it can be harsh on your skin, take this paste on finger and apply on the wet face in circular motion massage it 4-5 minutes and wash it with normal water. Use it once or twice a week.


Oatmeal is an best scrub for sensitive skin, Make fine powder and add with rosewater, honey or raw milk. Take this paste on the finger and apply on the wet face in circular motion massage it 4-5 minutes and wash it with normal water. Moisturize well after using this. Use it once a week.

Multani mitti

Fuller’s earth ( mulani mitti) removes all dead skin from , it will deeply clean skin , Oily skin type can use this without worry. And other skin type can also use this with honey, Make paste and apply on wet face. Rub it in a circular motion with light hand after 5 minutes wash it with normal water. Used it once a week. And moisturize skin after using this.

Raw milk

Raw milk is itself enough to remove any kind of impurity from skin and suitable to all skin type, oily skin type us milk with lemon drops and other skin type can use it alone, take some raw milk in bowl, dip a cotton ball or cotton pad in it and wipe your face, do this process two time, change cotton ball when use at second time, you can do this daily once a day. You can leave it on face for 10-15 minutes or wash after 5 minutes.

Sugar lemon and honey

Make a powder of sugar add honey and few drops of lemon; apply it on face Rub it in a circular motion with light hand after 5 minutes wash it with normal water. Used it twice a week.
You can pick any natural ingredient from the above list according to your skin type and do it with gentle. Most important thing is to keep in mind skin type. If you have sensitive or acne prone skins then avoids or do minimum exfoliation. All scrubs can be used for body exfoliation and face both.

Chemical Peel

Besides natural ingredient, another method is a chemical peel. It also removes dead skin. Chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment; it removes scars or uneven skin tone.

Ready to use exfoliate

In the market, you can find thousand of scrub or exfoliate for different skin types and with different ingredients, it is easy to use, just apply on face and done. Face wash are also available in the market with the goodness of scrub, so can choose according to your skin type and need. Always check the ingredients before buying.

Note: you can use a scrub face wash to avoid dead skin, it will clean your skin, you can easily find a face wash with the goodness of scrub.

Skincare For Dry Flaky Skin On Face

No fancy and costly products, no home remedies or face mask and extra steps, only basic skincare changes by which you can treat dry flaky skin, and makes it normal, do little changes in your skincare, to treat dryness. Dry skin can be treated easily but flaky skin; it is hard to get rid of this, let’s see simple and easy tips to treat extra dry and flaky skin on the face.
flaky skin on face

Effective way to use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil, and also known as melaleuca oil. It has a very strong aroma, Used in many skin care and body care products due to it’ antifungal and antibacterial properties, tea tree oil give relief from itchiness and redness, it is very effective in skin problems, It can be used for hair problems, to treat scalp itchiness and dandruff. Let’s see how to use tea tree oil.
how to use tea tree oil

Use Turmeric On Face For Glowing Skin

Turmeric has been used for glowing skin since ancient time .Turmeric is a spice, used in kitchen in most of the recipes, apart from this, turmeric has numerous beauty benefits, turmeric has anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti oxidant properties, it is an anti cancer herb, and it is good for health. Let’s see how to use turmeric on face for glowing skin
how to use turmeric on face for glowing skin

Best Carrier Oil For Hair

Carrier oils are vegetable oils, or base oil which are used to dilute essential oil.You always think about which oil should I have so can I keep my hair healthy and problem free, somebody suggest you to use coconut oil someone says use almond oil, we use oil after showing commercial advertisement, but these oils are not in pure form , we get nothing from fancy and nice fragrance containing oils for hair , Here are list of carrier oil for hair which can used for hair care.
best carrier oil for hair