Best Home Remedy to Remove Pimple Marks

Pimples ,acne,Pimple scars and pigmentation are common problem,We all face these problems in our life,When pimple comes ,it takes 3-5 days to heal , Pimple goes, but mark take a long time to fade, which step should we follow to treat acne marks and acne problem?we can pick medicated cream to treat it ,but we have to face lots of chemicals and it's side effect ,here are some best home remedy to remove pimple marks .Home remedy which we can be easily used to fade our scars.All products are easily available at home,so no need to find new ingredients.

best home remedy to remove pimple marks

Pimple and pimple marks removal home remedy

In one day or overnight miracle will not happen to any skin problem ,so maintain routine for this.When pimple comes at that time should start treatment,because of treatment pimple will go away in 2-3 day ,instead of 3-5 days, These remedies will work on both pimple and pimple marks ,

Aloe Vera Gel

best home remedy to remove pimple marks
Aloe Vera

Apply Aloe vera gel ,leave it for overnight.It will help to reduce inflammation and redness,pimple will cure fast,apply aloe vera gel daily at night to fade the scar.Aloe vera gel has healing properties,it will help to get rid scar.You can use Aloe vera gel as a night mask.Always use pure gel,if you are using ready to use gel, then check ingredients list.

Lemon Juice

best home remedy to remove pimple marks

Lemon juice also help to get rid of Pimple and pimple marks,It kills bacteria .Lemon is a good source of vitamin c and also treat scar,Apply directly on spot.if you have sensitive skin ,then avoid it,Don't over use of any citric product on face it will cause dryness,Use once in day,will be good at night time.

Orange Peel powder

pimple and pimple marks removal home remedy
Orange Peel
You can use ready to use orange peel powder ,can buy from online and Local store,or you can made it at home , By grind dry orange peels,use this powder as a face mask, Take half tea spoon peel powder and half spoon besan ,mix it with rose water ,if dry skin then add honey to it Apply this mask,leave it for 15 minutes ,wash it with normal water,use twice a week ,All skin problem one solution, Orange peel powder makes clear your skin ,makes scar free.


best home remedy to remove pimple marks
Honey is an antioxidant product,it is used for cleanse pore ,hydrate skin, tighten pores,You can wash your face with honey once a day or twice day,Honey has antibacterial properties, so helpful to prevents pimple and effective in curing acne problem.if you use honey as a mask it makes your skin smooth and healthy.For pimple treatment,take one pinch of cinnamon powder,mix it with honey ,now apply this on pimple,you can leave it for overnight.Honey will reduce the redness,at the same time cinnamon will fight with the bacteria.

Tomato juice

best home remedy to remove pimple marks
Tomato juice
Tomato juice or tomato pulp can treat scars and pimples too,It has salicylic acid which is good to treat pimple ,and add glow to face,you can use simple pulp,or mix with other ingredients, Apply this as face mask,keep it for 15 minute and rinse with normal water.Use twice a week,Tomato  is good for open pores also.

Rose water

pimple and pimple marks removal home remedy
Rose water is used in different way in our skin care routine,use to make face mask, apply as toner, as a facial mist, to get freshness, to get glowing skin, Rose water also maintain skin's PH level and suitable to all skin type,even dry and sensitive skin too.Excellent toner for all skin type ,without using any chemical on face. If you use rosewater daily on face then it will help you to scar free skin.

Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti)

 best home remedy to remove pimple marks

Multani mitti treat pimples ,remove excess oil, and blackheads problem.It gives cooling effect ,so when apply on  pimple it reduce inflammation and redness ,Fuller's Earth removes dead skin from skin ,we can use it for deep cleansing ,Make a fine paste mix with rose water or tomato juice ,apply for 15 minute on affected area or all over face and wash it .

Sandalwood Powder

pimple and pimple marks removal home remedy

Sandalwood Powder is very effective to treat pimple, redness, inflammation, take one pinch sandalwood water make a paste with rose water apply over pimple, you can leave it for overnight, or wash after 20 minutes, Natural and safe way, it will also work on mark from first day of using this remedy.

Tips To follow

Always maintain good skin care routine to get glowing skin.
Don't touch your face
Don't pop up pimples
Use good soap free face wash
Use always separate towel for face
Change your pillow cover alternate day
Use Sunscreen
Drink water
Do minimum makeup
Always remove makeup before going to bed
Go for natural products
Eat healthy, Avoid junks
Be happy

Note:If you want a clear and healthy skin then improve your eating habit first,Healthy eating is more important then any other DIY and Home remedies.Choose any remedy ,according to your skin type,to know your skin type click on Skin type

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